Beech Grove, Indiana

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Motorcycle Crashes Into Vehicle Doing U-Turn

Nashville IN (May 27, 2021) - A 63-year-old Orleans man was injured while riding his motorcycle in Brown County on May 24 when he collided with a vehicle that did a U-turn in front of him.

Vance Faulkenberg, 100, of Martinsville, was driving east on State Road 46 West near Todds Trace when he made a U-turn on 46 West to go west, an accident report by Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Bowling states.

Billy Penn was driving west on the motorcycle and told police he could not stop in time before striking the rear of Faulkenberg’s vehicle, the accident report states. Faulkenberg continued west and stopped at Rustic Cove Apartments to check his vehicle before continuing west, the report states.

An Indiana State Police Trooper found Faulkenberg pulled off the road in Monroe County. When the trooper stopped to check on him, Faulkenberg said he thought a motorcycle had hit his vehicle. The trooper brought Faulkenberg back to Rustic Cove Apartments so Bowling could complete his investigation, according to the report.

Faulkenberg was not injured and refused treatment at the scene. He was wearing a seat belt. Penn had an abrasion on his hip and upper leg. He was taken to a hospital. He was wearing a helmet.

Source: Brown County Democrat